Font color issue with Ipad on specific page

Hi everybody

I encounter a strange behavior with font color on ipad.

I know it is a common problem as I have search on this forum and find answers like : Safari Rendering only Black text - #15 by cyberdave

But my issue is a little different.

I have no problem on any pc and android devices with opera, chrome, firefox.
But on my ipad air 2 (software version 12.4 (the last I was able to install) both with chrome (ver 90.0.4430.216) and safari (I didn’t manage to find the version) I got black color for my font BUT ONLY on the home page !
Well there are also issue in the menu : it is black but after clicking on it once, it turn white. Also got the problem with the menu button icon when I go into portrait mode.

On the other pages and on the home page footer, there is no problem with the white

My initial color wasn’t pure white (it is #eeeeee) but I also try with pure white.

I made this website from a template witch is : Business Starter - Business HTML5 Responsive Website Template

I’ve try to insert the following custom code in the header of the site and of the page :

.section {
  -webkit-text-fill-color: initial;

And as it is a adobe font I also got in the header:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

I didn’t try on modern mac or ipad as I don’t have such computer/tablet at disposal

Sorry for this long message but I have try to give all the information.

If someone could help me it will be very kind.

for now I only ask for help on this forum as I am a beginner in webflow, but when I’ll get more skills I will try to alos help others

Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK][1]]