Font background wrap

Hi all.

Just seeing if anyone knows how to wrap the background of a font? ive attached an image to show the issue on mobile

Thanks for the time.


Screenshot 2021-07-24 at 16.17.40

Hi @AGH here is simple example

It si always better to share “read only”

Hi Stan Thanks for having a look!

I was trying to get it working inside webflow, but you are no doubt right; i’ll have to work this out in css

Here’s the read-only link: - it’s only happening on mobile, the problem is fonts have no white background, and I need it editable by the client, so ideally not two separate lines but one line that wraps



Hi @AGH easiest way is to wrap each word into span and give span background color. If you need text to be editable (why?) you will need JS to do this for you.

dont forget to clean your subheading background

Hi @Stan; Awesome, thanks a lot for this, I have been educated! cheers Pal :+1:

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