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Follow-Up - What's WRONG webflow Team

creating a new topic here as the previous topic has been closed

Hi @cyberdave
thank you very much for taking the time to write your answer.

You mentioned :slight_smile:
There are many more features for ecommerce on the way that have been requested on the Wishlist, but I cannot give you an exact timeline for those updates.

I understand you don’t feel comfortable to share deadlines with a broaden audience, could you please at list share the list based on the priorities? It will be helpful to show actions to the many users who shared feedback/insights across the months/years.
WF forum should respect the freedom of speech, like any other media. You qualify our posts as “complains” and this is not correct. There are gaps that you guys should recognize and respect. www, social media…big opportunity today to share and help companies grow together.

I have been watching the interview of your CEO and it sounds like eCommerce is not really the company’s focus here, although it was launched over a year ago. I see your previous reply being liked by only WF employees or supporters. The overall WF community is not eager to see deliverables now.

Thanks in advance for being transparent with the community. Please note this feedback has one major goal: make the tool grow positively and collaboratively.

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