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Folder Structure colliding with Collection URLs - what's the solution?


We have multiple languages on our website: … everything in Japanese … everything in English

We created various pages under /jp/ and /en/ in the respective languages.

Now, we also have two separate blogs on our website, which we also need to host under the URLs and respectively. All articles (spread across both each, the JP and EN collections) should then go to the respective and respectively.

Note, the blog posts are different per language and the blog posts are just mono-lingual (either Japanese or English, published on their respective language page).

Now there seems to be a conflict: we cannot publish on because this seems to be conflicting with the “folders” which are also /jp/ or /en/ etc. respectively.

It is important for SEO, our analytics and for the users to have everything (including the blog post articles) are in /jp/ and /en/ respectively. How can we achieve that?

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