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Folder redirect not working. HELP

I ported from Wordpress to Webflow.

I want to redirect this:

I tried:
/blog/wp-content/uploads/(.*) --> /
/wp-content/uploads/(.*) --> /
/wp-content/uploads/(.*)/(.*)/(.*) --> /
/wp-content/uploads/ --> /

Nothing works. I’ve saved it, published it but didn’t work.

In general no need to redirect images paths (meaninfull - the concept of 301 is for pages).

Your path is wrong. Use the url paths of your old site. For example:
/old-wp-blog/(.*) => /new-webflow-blog/%1


You keep your blog from the old site? If the answer is “yes” don’t do this:

/old-wp-blog/(.*) => /

Redirect all “old” posts to “NEW” homepage is huge seo-mistake in this case. The idea of 301 is also to keep the rank power of the redirected page (Not only to avoid 404).

It is not a blog. It is an image asset which other blogs took from our website. It’s hard to link back to the exact image asset that exist in webflow now.

Images are put under /wp-content/uploads/ under Wordpress.

What you are asking me to do is this:
Example: /old-wp-image/2018/01/picture.png
From: /old-wp-image/(.*)
To: /new-webflow-image/(.*)
Outcome: /old-wp-image/2018/01/picture.png to /new-webflow-image/2018/01/picture.png

The problem: It is highly impossible to directly link back 1000 images from WP to webflow

What I want to do is this:
Example: /old-wp-image/2018/01/picture.png
From: ?
To: homepage
Outcome: /old-wp-image/2018/01/picture.png to /

I already cant tell which image they are using. Might as well just capitalise on the link back

Ask the support. In my opnion this trick/idea will not work beacuse the redirect is only for html pages (i am not near laptop to test this idea).

Are you sure other sites use the image path? (And not store thosee images). Send live url example.

This blog:

Links to:

But of course the image is dead because I took down the old Wordpress site.

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