Folder/Page Password Protection Question

I am working on a section on a website where the folder is password protected. From what I am seeing, once I put my password in, I can enter the protected area, exist website, go back to the website, and get into the protected area without the need for a password. Is there a way to make the password reset after the website is closed, or a way to “log out” of the protected area so that it cannot be accessed by the next user. I was able to reset the protected folder when I cleared browser history, but is there any other way to do this?

Thanks for any help :smile:

I’m guessing the only way to do that immediately would be to clear your browser cache.

This is already the case as the cookie expiry is set to “session”. The entire browser must be closed (including other tabs and background processes).

This code should delete the cookie, but it isn’t doing anything. So there is some other parameter that is missing:

$.getScript('', function() {
  Cookies.remove('wf_auth_page', { domain: '/', path: location.pathname });

If I’m not wrong, Webflow sets the cookies on server-side with flag “httpOnly”, so there is NO WAY to delete using JavaScript. See and

Thanks for the help gentlemen! Although not totally ideal, I just seen as you have said that it does reset after the entire browser is closed. This will have to do! Thanks again!

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