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Focused navbar link not working properly?

I’m working with a navbar and I want each link to change its colour when each page is visited. If I’m in the “About” page, the “about” link should change to green.

I set the “focused” state typography settings to green, but when I visit the page I find that the focused setting is not responding.

The thing is: when I’m in the about page, the navbar link has not changed to its focused state, but when I click the about link (being already in the about page), the focused state works. But only if I click the link on the page I’m already in (which no one will ever do, and it’s kind of pointless…)

What I’m doing wrong? :thinking:

Here is my public share link: LINK


Hey Aran. What you’ll need to do is to change this from corresponding current link of the current page. For instance, go to the work page and click on the work nav link and edit as shown below.

Hope this helps.

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That was it!
It’s working perfectly now, thanks Alex!

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