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"Focused" link state isn't working on "current" page?

Hey all!

Trying to figure out why this isn’t working as it should. Seems to be a bug, but maybe it’s something I’m not doing right?

What I’m going for is super simple. I set up the “focused” state to be grey so users can see it’s the current page.

Here’s a quick screen video showing the setup:

And here’s the preview link:

@adiggy great question! You actually just need to style the “Current” state of the link. The Focused state is actually just for input fields when you have that field focused to add data.

To style the “Current” state, navigate to your “History” page, then double click into your Symbol and select your “History” link and see that it is in the “Current” state, now style the color of your link :smile:

Here’s a quick GIF recording to show how to make this update:

Hope that this helps, and thanks for the video, that was so cute! :baby: :webflow_heart:

Doy! Thanks so much! Forever learning … :wink:

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