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Hi All

I’ve just completed a conversion of the Fly template for my own website. Most of my clients still use IE9 as they are based in the UK Health Service and a lot of the legacy sites within the UK Health Service still do not work with newer browsers. So given my customers are going to be viewing with IE9 I thought I’d check compatibility.

To my horror the whole site is a wreck! The Nav bar shows both main and scroll down versions at once, the 3x slider does not slide, just shows all three images below each other. There are numerous formatting issues as you travel down the page and at the foot the ‘What they say’ section, which masks user images into a circle and shows in a slider, does not mask or slide. And this is just the home page!

I’ve put a copy of the original Fly template at just so you can see the un-tinkered version - if you view using IE9.

I was quite please with my conversion, but looks like I’m going to have to return to non-responsive - at least for now.

Any ideas where I go from here?

many thanks

Hi All

Update on this issue.

I’ve installed a copy of IE9 on a new Win7 PC and the Fly template is fine (as is my website). I can only conclude that there is a compatibility issue with the copy of IE9 that we have installed on the GP Practice PCs (IT Depts tend to do this). So please regard this as solved as I need to now investigate my end.

Just to balance up. I thought the Fly template was a dream to convert and I’ve now got a great new website. Many thanks Webflow (if you’re reading)!


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Hi @pnewest, I am glad to hear the issue is clarified by testing on another machine with IE9!

I do not know if it will help, but a couple things to check are the security settings with IE9, to see if there is any block on client side scripts in the IE group policies usually administered by the IT staff in Windows based corporate networks.

When you are looking at the page that does not work correct, you can use the Developer Tools option in IE9 (press F12) to get to the developer console. From there, check the Console tab and see if there are any errors.

Another option is to check if compatibility mode is being forced somehow, thus causing some strange behavior.

​I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Many thanks Dave. I’ll pass on your comments to the IT dept.


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