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Fly template duplicating HERO image carousel cartoon guy?


My FLY template is having a duplicate HERO image carousel area? on the homepage

I haven’t touched this template in over two weeks, but today it just happened, have the guys updated the FLY Template, and if so how do I fix it?

Last Q: Is there any way to revert back to the original template files I’ve bought off of Webflow. In case I screw up the page or want to go back to an original, or is the only solution to hack a copy and not touch it?

carousel cartoon guy?

@Deni_1990 - If your amazing team can take a peek at this that would be super :wink:

Hey @clickryan,

If you go to your Dashboard --> click the cog by the project name --> click versions on the settings page, you’ll be able to revert back to older versions of your workflow. You can even see what they are before you revert back to them.

Good luck!

Thanks @PChalk1

By any chance will that create duplicates or will it delete all the pages / updates I’ve made to the web pages / site?

It’ll restore an earlier version so your newer one will be wiped. However, sometimes I find it handy to take a look at an earlier version (if I think I’m missing something), then copy the element styles that I was missing instead of restoring completely.

Good luck!

Hey @clickryan

I dont know why this happen, but will be great if u put a public link here so we can take a look, or by mail.