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Fly in template page

Hi, I have been asked if its possible to create a fly in/out page for a product detail page (CMS template page) where on clicking the whole template page flys in from the left.

Just wondered if this is possible?

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Should be. You can add either a page load effect or if you are loading an element an on-click effect. I have the page loading from the bottom on up on this site

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Hey @johnminshall,

I found some helpful info from past forum topics;

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Thanks for the info, What the client is after is basically a fly in page on button click. They click on the picture of a CMS item which takes them to the detail page of that product but they want the detail page to fly in from the left - with the visual effect that you can still see the page behind it until it is covered up. Personally I don’t see the point but that’s what they are asking for. I still cant see how to add this interaction to a page on load?

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