FlowCollection - I created a Webflow community hub with over 300 resources

I just published FlowCollection.io ā€“ a resource library of 300+ Webflow tools and resources!

This new resource hub allows you to:

:point_right: Vote on your favorite resources ā€“ This allows anyone to launch a tool and be showcased at the top of the home page, all you need is enough votes. Simply click the little star icon in the top right corner of each card to upvote!

:point_right: Filters, and more filters ā€“ With two levels of categories, names, tags, and pricing for each and every resource Flow Collection make it super simple for you to discover the right tool for the job.

:point_right: Add your own resource ā€“ With a simple form submission you can get your resource (whether that be a product, podcast, or person) listed ā€“ completely free.

The reason I decided to create Flow Collection is simple; the Webflow community is absolutely crazy and keeps creating new tools almost every day. But there is no central hub to discover and keep track of all of these resources (notion docs can only go so far).

Feel free to check it out, give feedback, or list your own resource!


Hey Jonathan, this is awesome.
I took a quick scan and spotted many interesting ones worth further exploring.
Thank you for making this.

Awesome, Iā€™m glad you find it useful!:smile:

this is awesome. Thanks for creating this.

Thanks for featuring us, @ForsJonathan ! :sunglasses: We :heart: Webflow and love building for the community here.