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Howdy guys,

Just shared a new product on the showcase!

Flowbase is a curated collection of cloneables & guides from the webflow community.

Make use of the amazing clone feature to build your own websites & products, or learn from more advanced guides shared by community members.

The collection is ever growing, so if you find it useful be sure to join the mailing list and get direct updates.

If you’ve got a product you want listed, or just had some feedback, feel free to shoot it through!

Hope you guys find it usefull <3




Neat, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Love this! Bookmarked! If you need any help with this, I’d love to get involved! Seems like a great resource!

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Nice one! I’ll sure use it when looking for references.

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I tried Optily by Flowbase. Total junk and waste of money. Not even an iota of improvement in my site’s PageSpeed tests. Plus, the whole site looks really sus: two domains for the same thing. Can’t log back in. Tried to reset the password (which I knew was correct) but it said that email my login email doesn’t exist. How can it not exist if I’ve received confirmation and receipt to that email? Looks very scammy!

Have you tried dropping @Thomas_92 an email ?
I used Optily and some other Flowbase assets, and although there can be improvement, it worked well and when I encountered an issue, there was a good support.