Flow Keeper · 1500+ resources for Webflow

Hi all :wave:,

Check out my new project:

Flow Keeper - 1500+ resources for Webflow

Flow Keeper is the perfect website for Webflow designers and no-code developers who want to easily locate and sort over 1500+ tools, inspiration, typography and more resources.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hi guys!

First of all, I want to announce that Flow Keeper is a vast repository of valuable resources for designers and developers. It contains around 1500 unique resources carefully curated by me, covering 100 different categories. However, at the moment, I am unsure about proceeding further with this project. Nonetheless, I appreciate the effort I put into creating it and the benefit it has brought to other designers and developers.

I don’t have a clear understanding of the value of the work I’ve put into it, so I am now open to offers for the sale of this extensive resource library. You can reach out to me via email at valdis@proton.me or use the “Buy full resource base” button on the website.

I would be glad if this helps someone with their new project.


hi @FlowKeeper thanks for your project :+1: I will add it to my bookmarks next to Resources | Plastic Habitat and https://www.toools.design. Only thing that will be nice to have some filter or search field. There is button back to filter but top area (filter buttons?) that is not clickable.


Love the design Valdis.

Just submitted my resource as well. Disregard my message because I hit the enter key and the form got submitted. I thought it would go on the next line lol. Perhaps fix that and it would become a great UX experience. Also, I agree with @Stan’s point of having a search bar.

All the best!

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:pray: thanks for such a contribution to the community

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Hi, @Stan

Nice resources! I’d be glad if you decide to add Flow Keeper there.

I made the search a separate field, previously it was located under the checkboxes and was not well visible. Didn’t quite understand about the filter, I think the checkboxes with categories work now. If there is still a problem, could you explain it in more detail.

Thanks for the feedback! :webflow_heart:

Hi, @AliSaeed

I created a new category for this and added your resource there. Very useful library of custom code, I think a lot of people will find it useful.

I’ve updated the search and will think about the form.

Thanks for the feedback! :webflow_heart:

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Hi, @Jai

Thank you! :webflow_heart: I will be glad if it will be useful for other designers and developers.

hi @FlowKeeper overlay issue occurs only in Safari.

Here are two more links of resources bundles you can go trough and maybe add some of these links into your website :wink:


EDIT: Now have found Search field when you’ve mentioned it as I have overlooked because it looks like header element sitting above results and not like input field. My bad. :wink:


@Stan Yes, on Safari the hero block behaves very strangely.

I usually look through Responsively.App, but after your video I checked through BrowserStack. I’ll get to it now.

Thank you so much!

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Appreciate that Valdis! Checked out the search field. Looks excellent!

For the form, did you add a text area? That should fix it

And the site looks great on Safari now. How did you fix it?


@AliSaeed Thank you!

I rebuilt the hero block from grid to flex and set the absolute value on the desktop for the right side with the images and button.

@Stan Thanks again for your help, now fixed it.

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:webflow_heart: 750+ items and new categories

I’ve expanded the overall resource base to 750+ items and added new categories.

Enjoy: https://flowkeeper.webflow.io/



I updated and added preview images to all 750+ resources on the Flow Keeper website. I hope this makes your search and browsing experience more convenient and memorable :webflow_heart:

If you are the owner of the resource, you can always edit the name, description and image of the resource through the Submit button.

This is awesome, bookmarked! Thanks for putting this together :pray: I humbly don’t find my own blog filled with screencasts and tutorials listed :slightly_frowning_face: But… I just submitted it :smiley:


Hey, @ChrisDrit

Thanks for your submission! :webflow_heart:

I added NoCodeQuest and Webflow Webhook Creator to the site. Love your tutorials!

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I have for you a few links that are worth to check.

Plasmic is on my radar No.1 as they have amazing free offer compare to WF.

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@Stan Thanks a lot, I’ve added some resources to the site :webflow_heart:

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I have just start organising and clearing my bookmarks and I have found one site that may be for you a source of links and categories. But sometime less is more. :wink:

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Yep, I know this resource.
I think I’ll watch it again when I have time.
Thank you! :webflow_heart:

More tools, more inspiration, more typography, and more resources for Webflow designers and no-code developers :webflow_heart:

Flow Keeper now has over 1000+ resources: https://flowkeeper.webflow.io/

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