Floating Text Mystery

Hey all…

I am trying to enable a specific hero section text alignment on both desktop and tablet (client website in development). In order to keep the paragraph structure intact, I am attempting to alter the flow for each view by setting a div with height and width to offset (float) the bottom line of text on desktop, and the bottom two lines on tablet. In the read-only link, you’ll see the divs in place (temporarily colored pale pink) in both views. Desktop works as expected. However only the bottom line is affected on tablet… I can’t figure out how to effectively float the bottom TWO lines.

I tried various things from related forum posts, but so far no joy. What am I missing? I appreciate any input from the wealth of talent this forum represents!


Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

I tried this with float, but that didn’t work. So I added an extra ‘paragraph’ below the first ‘paragraph’. Then cut the text ‘in all of life’s situations. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, the life.’ and pasted in the second paragraph. Then set the text align to right. Now there are two paragraphs to play with. Maybe this will help?

Thanks for checking into this, HGWeb.

Trouble is, that any alteration I do to the paragraph structure itself (such as line breaks) in one view, is in effect making the same changes to all views. This really complicates (meaning breaks) the paragraph flow in other views… at least as I understand things. Just not sure why I’m able to get the last text lines to float (wrap) in both desktop and tablet, but can’t alter the div in tablet view in a way that will affect the last TWO text lines.

Seems ‘simple’. I’m really hoping that it’s operator error of some kind.

Well folks, after a couple of days of further research and trying everything that I could think of to try and float (or in any number of other ways to coerce) my paragraphs into submission, I’m crying ‘Uncle!’ and have resigned myself to move on with an alternate design. You know… deadlines. I’ll reopen that quest another time.