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Floating published page

Hello, everyone!

My home page of the site floats and it starts scrolling to the right from a particular section (pic 1) till the end of the page (pic 2).

Inside the designer, everything is fine and stays in place, no scrolling to the right. I’ve checked all the elements spacing, it seems like everything also is in place.

So the problem appears only on the published page and in the ‘toggle preview’.

Maybe someone has faced such a problem or has any ideas what should I try to do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: [1]


Hi @Mary_N, thanks for your post, it looks like this is being caused by interactions set to fire on scroll, which causes overflow (the white space) as the quick animations do not first set the animation state to display none on the page for the elements being animated.

You can quickly fix this overflow though by setting your main sections under the body to have overflow hidden, see my quick video:

I hope this helps,

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Awesome, that’s helped. Thanks a lot, @cyberdave ! :ok_hand: :top: