Floating Media Menu?

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I am trying to play with a Rich Text block and add an image but this seems to be a heck of a challenge. Normally you can insert an image, then move that image to place it within any other block(generally speaking). I added an image block but it will not drag into a Rich Text block no matter how hard I try. I’m a bit confused as the default text for Rich Text block makes it sound each to do such things but there is something I must be missing.

The Tutorial on “How to add a caption to a figure/image in a Rich Text field” mentions something about a “Double click a rich text field, use the floating media menu to add an image, and type your caption in the caption field.” but double-clicking produces no response.

@gregmwashington said “place my cursor into one of the paragraphs, hit the return key, and an image upload icon will appear.” but for me, hitting a return key only adds a line to said paragraph if I’m ‘editing’ said paragraph, or nothing happens if the paragraph is just highlighted and I hit return.

What am I missing here? How do I add an image to a Rich Text Block?

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Hello @DragonDon,

Maybe this topic can show you better how to do what you need

There is gif image where you can see in motion what you have to do.


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Thanks @sabanna.

One thing I noted, the floating menu bar doesn’t allow you to grab images from your already uploaded assets? Seems my only option was to upload an image(when adding an image obviously). Wouldn’t that mean extra storage wasted on images that are already there and have to be re-uploaded again?

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