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"floating" elements in Z-space while scrolling? (translate3d?) (parallax?)

Hello everyone!!

Sooooo i’ve looked into most of the Parallax Scrolling threads in here and found a lot of interesting stuff, but none of them was actually what i was looking for (or i just really failed on my search) so i’m starting a new one for this specific effect.

This is the kind of effect that i’m after:

When u scroll down, you see some objects (pictures that open a lightbox once you click) “floating” in a slightly “closer” Z-space in relation to the rest of the website. They are completely tied to the scrolling. I’ve noticed while inspecting the code that these items have a “transform: translate3d” added to them that automatically varies to create the effect.

How do i achieve this? can someone guide me through some steps on how i could build something like this on webflow?

I’ve also found this:
that comes with a medium article about it:
But as i’m not much of a coder, i’m kinda lost :confused:

Big thanks to anyone who can help me out on this.

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