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Float below title?

Hello there,

Im guessing this has already been asked a bazillion times, but I can’t seem to find the proper answer (the one that comes up as a similar topic is in Spanish :P).

I have a menu with some links left and some links right to the title. I want those links to go below the title when the browser width sizes down to adapt to user browser width.

Here are some screenies to help explain:

As u can see he puts one above and one below. Which I presume is regular reading order.

Is it possible to put them both underneath the title, when browser is downsized?

Tnx in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Oh and by the way, is it possible to achieve this with Flexbox? Because I kind of like using those, since they seem better at achieving what I want (apart from this).

Tnx a bunch!

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Marijn Wijbenga

This is completely achievable using Flexbox. The trick is to apply flex:horizontal and justify:space between to the nav container to make sure the elements are evenly spread out.

In tablet mode/wiew change the order numbering of the logo to 1st and the navlinks on either side to 2nd and 3rd as you wish.

Wow thanks, good thinking!
Learned something new again :smiley: Much appreciated!

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