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Flipping card widget

It’s a long time we haven’t had new widgets right? :slight_smile:

So the idea is that we have a Slider and Tab element widget, not because we can’t make it with Webflow, but because they are common elements and that it’s cumbersome to make entirely. Moreover, having them as widget elements allow for a set of useful settings in the Settings tab (add slides and panes, set animation properties etc)

We now can use 3D transforms, and for anyone who used them, it’s pretty clear that it’s quite demanding to build something with it. Not because of Webflow, but because… well it’s a lot of CSS and HTML properties to set. And you quickly end up with hidden elements, making your design snippet difficult to edit and maintain.

One behavior tht is popular is the flipping card. That could be a widget. Options could be: direction of flipping (vertical, lateral, oblique), all the timing and easing things, on hover or on click, how it flips back (auto on timer, with a click, on hoverout), the depth it has (how thick it appears, quite cumbersome to make a thick card from scratch), if it has a shadow, does it zoom when flipped, does it center when flipped, etc etc (I’m curious to read your ideas, webflowers). And we’d get tools such as flipping the card to work on the back design, or expand/unfold the card to work on both sides at once.

This could be a bigger widget, with the possibility to make 3 panes cards (prism), cubes etc.

It wouldn’t make the 3D transform thing less interesting, but it will allow us to create and maintain much more asily. Also, it will allow to deploy more 3D transforms into templates as those widgets would be easier to understand and manipulte for template byuer who often have limited clues about how things work (hence the amount of question on this forum about “How to find and edit that popup?”

Thanks for listening!

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