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Flickering text and links bug

Hi there!

I’m rather new to Webflow, so perharps I just have screwed something by myself and didn’t notice.
There’s a strange flicker on some texts and links on this site:

Public link:

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi @ilya, the issue might be caused by the two embed widgets you have on your page. Those embed widgets are loading iframes that are trying to load a page that does not exist, and when the 404 page not found displays, it seems the flicker occurs.

One thing I might suggest, is to make a duplicate of your site, then remove the embed widgets and test if you still get the flickering.

Also which elements specifically are having the flicker? Which text elements and links ? Which browser are you using?

Cheers, Dave

I have an issue with text flickering also.
On my site:

if you scroll down to the bottom and roll over the circle buttons with numbers in them - in Safari only - then the text in areas above and below all flicker.
The buttons have an interaction on them making them do a little bounce animation. It seems that it is this interaction causing the issue.
It doesn’t happen in Chrome…

Anyone else had the issue? Found reasons?

Hi @GourmetPixel, thanks for your post. Could you share the read-only link to your site ? It is easier for us to take a look.

I would check you have no animated elements on the same z-index level, that might cause the flickering, depending on the layout.

Also try adding the below custom css to the header of your site using custom code:

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }

I hope this helps,


Excellent, thanks yes that custom style code did the job!

thanks very much!

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