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Flexbox X grows if Flexbox Y grows - Issue with responsive scaling

Dear Community!

I am totally a newbie in Webflow. I need some help with the interaction between two flexboxes.

I designed two panels next to eachother (both Flexboxes) including other flexboxes. They gotta have the same hight, but due the the amount of the text if I scale it scales differently. Is there any possibilities that allows me that one of the flexboxes grows the same amount if the other flexbox grows? Can I anchor some content or boxes to the bottom or top of a flexbox? That it grows at the same time together with an other flexbox? You find the website under the link below. If you have any thoughts on that please help me out.

I am talking about scaling for Desktop Screens, on the other devices it is going to be under eachother.

Thank you very much!


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