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Flexbox vertical center trouble


What I want to do is re-create the column section under the Lead Generation page (I will make the same for all other similar pages, but I’m starting there). Because what I saw in flexbox was the ability to center vertically, which is what I’d like to do for the text in the columns. The original section is semi-transparent black.

Flexbox seemed super easy with the game… but on my own, not so much.

I tried creating a flex to do this 2 ways - via a column as flex (with div and text inside) - section is called “Flex trial” (and is black). Also via a section with 3 div blocks to mimic columns - section is called “try flex” (and is purple).

I can’t get either to work…

My apologies for my lack of skill/understanding here - I will be most grateful for any help!!
Merci boucoup!

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