Flexbox increase child spacing

Hi, I would like to see if there’s any box I could set all my flexbox child having more spacing in between.

I am using the " Space between + Stretch" setting for the flexbox. However, I would like to have more spacing in between each child.

Is there a way to set more spacing, like a box for spacing setting: 10px?

Hello @MeiFoo

The space-between value ensures that any left whitespace, after all element had their sizes, would be distributed equally between the flex-children, themseleves and the borders of the flex-parent. So increasing the size of the flex-parent while keeping the size of the flex-children the same, would increase the space between the flex-children. Other methods would include adding a margin on every flex-child that you feel needs more space.

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Thanks @bavshehata
I am still new to webflow. Thinking it might have such function as in Figma. :sweat_smile:

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