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Flexbox help with Team page

Hey guys, i’ve been trying to implement flexbox in a section of a clients site on their team section. I’m trying to figure out any way to get it to expand when hovering or clicking to show the data about the artist either to the side or below and still have the flexbox look nice. I just cant get it to work. Does anyone know how to integrate this? Ive benn trying interactions on the Richard Saulino image and can get the info to show up but there is too much white space. Can i have this go 100% across the body? Or move the other flex items around to fit somehow?

Thanks so much for helping my frustration


Here is my public share link:

To make the text show up below,

flex-item position: relative
richards-data position: absolute, top: 100%

Hide the data div, and create an interaction on flex-item to show child richards-data on hover.

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