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Flex resizing works in webflow, but not on exported site

Hi, so I’m designing a webapp within webflow, and I’m really struggling to get my elements to stay within the width of my flexbox when exporting the code out to my browser

Above is how I want the resizing to behave, keeping all the buttons within the flex container


And here is how its actually behaving

You can check the uploaded app here -

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


So I’ve discovered in my inspector that the code is saying the width of my flex container is 400px, when I change it to 400% (which is what its set at in Webflow) - it works as intended, there seems to be some strange value cache that is changing it to 400px instead of % when I export? any ideas?

Nevermind, found the solution myself, I had to specific a 400% minimum, and maximum width as to override it converting my width to pixels.

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