Flex-child won't grow to fill available height?

I am trying to create a tablet menu that has nested dropdowns, because of nested dropdowns I need it to be scrollable.

I wanted to achieve that by allowing the “Nav_Wrapper” to take up full available space of the “Menu Nav” (which is set to 93vh height) and then scroll its overflow, however as you can see on the screenshot it is not growing to fill available space despite being set to “Grow if possible” under Sizing.

What am I missing?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - YouSkin

For some reason the tablet menu won’t open in the above read-only editor, you can see it functioning on live site: https://youskin-a37a8c.webflow.io/

Anyone has any idea? :slight_smile:

Nvm, found the issue. The menu logic of webflow sets Display: block !important; Kinda weird tbh that it doesn’t respect the manually set display type for “menu: show”.