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Flex Box Support

does anybody use that? i guess you got guys got to support it, tho… i assume that foundation and bootstrap will incorporate it soon as well, which will make everybody even happier. Just need to get the W3C to finalize that grid hotness and we can move into the next epic of web layout :smile:

Oh haha I was joking :smiley: We have plans to work on a flex box layout solution but that’s farther down the road. Flexbox is hard enough to understand that making it visual will be a tough nut to crack. But we’ll crack that nut, my friend! (With huge pliers.)


please please please include that in one of the next updates! flexbox is awesome! its what everybody needs but nobody knows yet.

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@thesergie Agree this has to be up there on webflows road map along with cms. :smile:

@thesergie Any news on flexbox integration?

No news yet @adamboro. Thanks for your patience!

I’m just going to add my support for Flexbox. Man it’s sooo awesome…

Especially check out the last examples on this page. It totally overcomes the fixed media queries used by WF currently. And might even be THE solution to developing mobile (or content) first.

The only challenge for @thesergie is to get it in the designer. :wink:

flexbox is the new standard.

Using Floats is such an inefficient means of layout.

I’ve been refactoring my designs to use flex box i hate floats!

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@thesergie and the rest of the @webflow team are aware of both flexbox and grid, and essentially have to wait for them to be more widely supported. Flexbox is basically there so I’m confident it will come soon, but grid is not implemented in its current spec in any shipping browser, so it’s gonna take a little longer.

Make no mistake, however, that grid and flexbox WILL be the layout standard in the foreseeable future, so it’s just a matter of when.




It also does not make logical sense to include the flexbox spec without the grid spec and the new level 3 alignment spec. They all work together as a team, and the mental model that is required to create a new tool set for these specs makes it hard to implement any one of them in isolation.

(I’m new to Webflow - deciding whether to use it actually.)

It would seem to me that it is not the role of a tool provider to delay availability of some function based on your judgement about the breadth of browser support. That should be your users’ decision, should it not? I had hoped that one of the benefits of the SaaS model would be that your tool would stay closer to the frontier than conventional ones, and so enable earlier access to new functionality for those who want it.

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I cannot speak for @webflow , but i too would like the feature to be available sooner, rather than later. As a student of design and development, though, I can understand the hesitation that webflow might have, as some of these features do not exist in any browser yet (grid, box alignment). A nice compromise might be to design the full feature set in anticipation of wide support for the full spectrum of new layout tools, and then release them incrementally, as support increases. Flexbox support has reached parity across evergreen browsers, so i don’t think it would be a stretch to start shipping a solution for flexbox now, with the full intention of having it be integrated into the larger toolset of grid and box alignment in the near future. Keep in mind that flexbox (1D layout) was never meant to be a complete solution, even in its conception, but to only be part of a larger toolset, including grid (2D layout) and box alignment (universal positioning). I hope that @webflow decides to be proactive on this topic, rather then reactionary, but they have also spent a bunch of time and effort designing a CMS, that, while I’m not too jazzed about it myself, is never the less of good quality and construction.

Kinda free flowing here a little bit, but I’m personally moving on to investigate web components, react, styles in js, etc… as they seem to be where the true frontier of web design is at, imo…




I would love to be able to use flexbox in webflow.

Browsers support it
Microsoft are killing support for IE9
It gives us layout super powers

I’m sure webflow team can find an elegant way to support it :smile:


Hey guys

Just a quick option if you want to add flexbox to your webflow sites:

Check out Flexibility:

Just need to add the JS script at in custom footer code section, plus a few lines of CSS in the customer header code section & you’re done!

It also features support for IE8 & IE9 :slight_smile:


Having the Flex box power combined with Webflow would really be awesome!

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Awesome links on Flexbox @matt50 - Thank you!
I was really surprised to see the playground example work in Safari 6.2.8.

Looking forward to the day this is native to Webflow.

Looks like this is live! See thread here: Webflow has flexbox now!

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@rchrdnsh @matt50 @EvanJones @nita_design @vlogic @daniel_cleayweb I’m proud to announce that we’re launching native flexbox support in the Webflow UI today :smiley: You can see more details here:

CSS Grid, on the other hand, might take longer since there’s almost no browser support for it yet :frowning: