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Flex box issue with iOS in Mobile Landscape?

I created a flex box with a container with 2 columns inside. Left column has text, right column is a picture.
On my iPhone 6S in landscape mode only the picture is shown.

Any ideas?

@Sibir, did you use a container or a div? Containers have default settings that might overrule your flexbox.

I used a div block as the flex parent and a container inside as the flex child.
Inside the container are the columns.

Hi @sibir, could you help to share the link to the site in design mode?

That will help to check out the styling :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I guess like this:

Hi @sibir, it looks like there is a 100vh on the flex-parent in mobile landscape that is causing the content to display strangely.

I would try to change the 100vh on mobile lanscape and lower to Auto.

I hope this helps!

Thank you, that makes all elements appear.
But why do the elements not shrink until they fit? I have the minimum size at 0 px.

Hi @sibir, if you mean flex-basis, iOS does not always respect that if there is some other prestyled elements being used, i.e. the column widget or container

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