Flex box error after in published link

I used Flex Box on the parent in navigation it looks and works as I wanted in the designer, space between the bottom link of the navigation between social links and blogs. whenever I see the published link it does not show flex box and it show no flex box and space between, not only that whenever i inspect published link the blogs & social links it looks link they are not even in the same parent

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of GreySpace Design Studio
here is published link - https://greyspace-design-studio-696e8c907885658.webflow.io/

designer image -

published image-

Are you sure you’ve published the latest change?

yes, I have tried many times to find workaround but idk whats happening

What about just deleting the blogs link and social links and remaking them? Or make a duplicate and see if the duplicate also publishes the same way?

tried like 4-5 times

I added just a div block without the same class and it worked thanks…

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