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Flex body doesn't use full-height on mobile (overflow/fit/position)

Hi everyone!

I haven’t used Webflow in quite some time and are trying to get back into it, so please excuse my potentially stupid question.

The goal was to set up a pretty simple landing page with flex properties. However, on mobile, the body (and respectively the background photo) doesn’t seem to fill the full height.

After reading a few articles in this forum, I believe it has to do with the overflow settings of the flex container and the fact that “paragraph contact” is set to absolute.

I can’t for the life of mine figure out what the correct combination of settings are. Would you guys be able to have a look to advise?

Lastly, I can’t seem to recreate the issue via the browsers developer tools. It only shows on actual mobile browsers for some reason (especially smaller iPhones).

Thanks to all of you for taking the time!

This is a screenshot from a Samsung Galaxy

Hi Aaron, thanks for your reply. See below. Not sure what causes that. Any ideas?