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Flatten dynamic data

Even if we have to enter data manualy into collections, I use CMS features for design purposes, to populate templates with real data. The design work is better, and it looks way better. At the beginnning of a project I collect data from the client, or I use datasets of my own.

I owuld love to be able to flatten a dynamic list once I’m happy with how it’s filled, and continue my design work from there, adding specificities, etc… Especially if one day we can inject data as CVS, this will be a very effective way to build designs. And Webflow would be the only tool doing this :slightly_smiling:


I’d love to have this as well! But from a business point of view I don’t think it is wise for Webflow to implement such a feature.

I don’t see why not. Use of the CMS is already free as long as you develop under the .io staging. This raises an issue whith the magic layut the dyn list provides but it’s not unsolvable.

I would have thought that allowing us to export a CMS site as a flat site would be something we’ll never see, and it’s been told here that the flat export will happen…

Edit: and in any way, wether it’s a flattening of a dyn list of another feature, we all NEED to populate our design with real data sets, even when we’re just designing (vs. developing something for production). So such a feature would be wecome. Anything that will make our designs better and easier to make should be the core business of Webflow, not the opposite :slight_smile: