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FlatStyle - Changing Section ID's in Main Nav Bar


I just purchased the Flatstyle template and renamed the nav items in the main nav bar. How do I change the nav id to match the nav menu name?

Currently it says as an example:

Nav Menu Item: What I Do
Link shows up as:

How do I change the #intro part?

Thank you!

Open the page list panel and click on the gear icon in front of each page name. Then set the URL field.

Is that what you’re looking for?


Thanks for responding.
However, I am not seeing what you are talking about. I don’t see any url field for any of the nav items. Just a dropdown with a section link.

Am I in the right place or missing something? Just want the url to actually correspond with the nav: (this is for the What I do Nav Item) So instead of #intro it should say #whatido.

Yep, because you only have a home and it does not need a url, as it’s the domain.
You’ll get the URL field for any other page you’ll create.


Yes I understand it is a one page template. It was purchased off Webflow. However, I should be allowed to change the section name (anchor) even on a one page or else if I change the nav item names none of the #sections will correspond.

So how do I rename the anchor point(section): #intro after the url?
(this is for the What I do Nav Item) So instead of #intro it should say #whatido.

Does this make sense? Sorry if I am not being clear.


Hi @batresfresh . These are called section id’s because it’s the actual section you give an ID - name. So just select the section you want to give/change the ID name and give it another name. After you did this the new name is available to select under Section linking.

See, this is the “intro” section ,but you can name it “whatido”: