Flatkit: collection issue on projects page

I’m rebuilding page Project Style 2 in Flatkit (called page “Opportunities business” in my site editor), to have multiple tabs at the top, one for all projects and different ones that are tied to specific projects as seen in image below. My issue is with assigning the meta tag. I’m not getting the option in Inner Text Settings to select text from the underlying categories reference.

this is what I should see (taken on original template page in new separate dashboard project)

this is what I’m seeing (taken from page I’m creating)

Collection info in original template:

Collection info on my site:

the only difference is that I can spot is that I use a multi reference field because my ‘projects’(opportunities) are a part of multiple ‘project categories’ (opportunity categories)

I had edited the design of the template page in my current website project (renamed to Business Opportunities) and then tried replacing the collection on the template page with the new collection I created but the option is locked (click image to see full screenshot), hence rebuilding the page from scratch (which gave me the issue described above)

redesign on template page

I also haven’t been able to figure out how to assign tabs to specific project categories so that clicking on tab Built Environment will filter out the other categories, but I’m assuming that’s because of the issues with the meta title.

I’m getting kind of desperate here, I’d really appreciate your help!


[ps. first time webflow user and not familiar with web-jargon, apologies]

Webflow doesn’t let you show data from a multi referenced field on a static page. The only way to do that is to use a reference collection instead of a multi referenced.

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