Flag Message Pop Up

How can I implement a flag message like this (see attached) to every page on my site. The user should be able to click on it and it takes them to a page in my site and close it out with the “x” in the corner. I want the message on every page that a user could land on but after they close it out it shouldn’t come up anymore within that session. I would like for it to come back up during their next session.


Just use a div set to absolute in the body and put your link in it and style it as you’d like. Then put a close button and apply an interaction which will hide the class of the div when clicked.

You will need to copy and paste the div onto every page on the site so I’d suggest making it a symbol first so if you want to make changes, they carry across the site.

Thanks for the help on this. So how do I get the button in the div? I have everything where it should be on the homepage.

Just add an image of a close button to the background of a div with a fixed size to fit. Set the div to be wherever you want it inside the banner. Then apply the interaction to it.

Seems you have a lot of questions on here. Did you go through tutorials on https://university.webflow.com ? I strongly suggest checking them out.

ok thanks. I have unfortunately

No worries, sorry if it seemed I was being rude. We want everyone to succeed on here but unfortunately many people ask questions before searching the forums and the university page for answers first so I try to point them to where they can find answers quicker and better than I could ever explain. Were you able to figure this out?

I did but haven’t worked on the interaction yet. It’s also not to correct size on mobile and I’m not sure how to get it to work for all devices.

If you got it working on desktop just change the sizing for each device to whatever you want.

Hi @DFink, I believe that @Ashley_Janelle was asking about a message that when the user clicks on then it will disappear on all pages too until the next session. This won’t work with Webflow animations