Fixing Contact Form, Adding Goal Tracking

Hi there,
I was just testing the contact form on our site. We have 2 options: “Make an Appointment” and “Ask A Question.” When I tested “Make an Appointment,” I got a thank you message, but there is no thank you page URL, which I need in order to set up goal tracking in Google Analytics. Webflow support said "it seems to be missing the redirect to the thank you page:" I can’t figure out how to get there! The “Get In Touch” page is not showing in our list of static pages.
Also, when I walk through “Ask A Question,” nothing happens when I click the submit button. :confused:



Any advice/help would be very much appreciated!


Hi @Marymo83

The limitation you are running into here is two fold, I think:

  1. Your form is in a pop up modal on each page, so you won’t see it as a separate static page
  2. You currently only have one form for both the “Make an Appointment” and “Ask A Question" options.

Instead, you may consider adding two separate forms so you can collect the data separately. This will also allow you to have two separate success/errors messages. You may also want to consider putting the form on a separate page if you need it for analytics purposes.

If you want form submissions to redirect to a thank you page you will first need to create the page. Once created you can copy the page slug and paste it into you form redirect field. For example, your page URL for the thank you may be so you would paste /thank-you into the redirect URL field here: