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Fixing a page to scroll within a div


Check this out:

I’m looking to have a section of my site have two columns: the left is a fixed block of text, and the right is a series of illustrations on tiles that overflow:scroll within the second column. I want the user, when scrolling, to be forced to scroll through these illustration on scroll, before being able to move down the page, much like some of the page I linked to.

How do I do that?

Thanks very much for you help.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @joe,

Unfortunately this isn’t natively possible within Webflow.
This is however possible with custom code but i wouldn’t know where to start :smile:

Hi @joe, @DharmaNode, this might be able to be created in Webflow or something similar. Often when finding some cool effect, it is a practice of trying to recreate the effect.

Much like trying to recreate the effect from some cool animation on

I would say, create a blank site, and start trying to piece it together, and when having questions, post here with your read-only link.

Is there any read-made instructions for this? No, not yet, but whomever creates this page in Webflow, will probably get some good street cred :slight_smile:

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