[FIXED] Windows background gradient bug

Recently there was problem in the Webflow designer on Windows where clicking on background gradient stops in the style panel would cause extra gradients to be added beneath the current one. This was especially frustrating for users trying to double-click on color stops to edit the color, as each click would add a new gradient stop rather than open the color picker as expected.

We think the root cause was a change in event handling in WebKit on Windows; other operating systems were not affected. We pushed a fix to this corner case that should resolve the issue.

If you ran into this problem, you might need to clear out the accidentally added gradient stops from your gradient panel by dragging them down into the trash zone in the normal way:

If you have any questions about this issue or any others, please let us know.



I don’t know where you got the idea that this was a Windows webkit bug only, I had this problem on Mac safari (all latest version) also. But glad to see that for me the problem is solved also :smile:

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finally! but this was not only a windows bug. i also experienced that on osx el capitan with safari!

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This bug has been occuring in my daily work for the past months and I’m using newest Mac OS system and Newest Chrome browser. Hopefully fixed for us as well, let me try it right away :smile:

Thanks for fixing it guys! You Rock! And im glad to be a part of helping webflow get better for all of us!

Same here…happens on Mac as well.

Hey guys!
This situation keeps happening.
I’m running the last version of oxs and it is nearly to impossible to edit a gradient color, either on Safari or Chrome.

This is really annoying and delays the workflow.

Are there any developments on fixing this?

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