Fixed section splits browser issues


I’m having a design issue that’s over my head here. My one-page design has graphical “splits” between the sections, fixed images that take up the viewport except for behind the top navbar. After a good amount of finagling (no success until I added an effect to the divs) I got this feature working fine in Chrome.

However, in Firefox the image is displaced and scrolls.

In Edge, the effect works but it shows the last split on the page for each of the split sections.

There’s definitely something wrong with my implementation and I’d love some advice on pulling it off properly!

In addition, something that was working great and then stopped… Clicking the links in the navbar should scroll so that the top of the corresponding section aligns with the bottom of the navbar. That’s what was happening, but now the section scrolls to the top of the screen instead.

Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you Webflow forum people!


Here is my public share link: LINK
And the page can be seen at: LINK

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