Fixed section not always on top

Ive got a fixed section thats shows itself on top when scrolling down, triggered by a element. Works like charm. But on the page there is a photo slide and a some dropdown fields. Occasionally the fixed section is not on top of these elements. Its z index 50. And sometimes it works, sometimes it falls behind…

Any good advice?

↑ This one is correct!

↑ This one is not :smile:

Try a higher z index maybe? I usually go in increments of 100. Also are those form dropdowns? How did you get them to look like that?

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Its not connected to the z index. Since even if I write 1000 its still sometimes falling under, sometimes over. If I scroll upp and down it changes as well. Quite random…

Its a normal dropdown. And a text field in it. Having a bit of trouble with them as well as I can’t make the dropdown stay 100% of the container… I must define the px. But I was going to solve that later on :smile:

it would help if you posted your public link.

Ahh, it actually worked with Z index 1000, I had written 100 and that was to low apparently… Everything is solved. Thanks

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