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Fixed positioning not working?

Hi there

for some really bizarre reason my fixed button on the the bottom left of the page is working fine in designer but as soon as i go to toggle view it sticks on the hero section??? ive never seen this before and everything ive seen or read doesnt explain this. here is my design.

Cheers Paul

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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How does it look on your published site?

hey man.

still not there and for some weird reason wont let me scroll at all??? have a look, its weird

cgheers for the help

Do not set overflow: hidden to your body. This will stop the scrolling from happening.

sweet thats worked cheers.

still wont fix the lets chat buttom though. any advice??

Just take the button out of the hero header. It will fix this.

you are good man, a bloody legend. cheers dude. all sorted

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