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Fixed Position Worked 2 Days Ago, Broken Now

I know, there’s a ton of these kinds of posts. I’ve tried everything I can think of and feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

On each page, other than the home, there is a Vertical navbar for desktop+ and a Horizontal one for Tablet-. As of Tuesday, 2 days ago, the Horizontal one worked. I’m on a call with the client this morning and it doesn’t.

I viewed the backup from Tuesday night and it’s working. I compared the every setting of every div that could bugger it and the settings are identical.

I had created some page load ix2 yesterday that all worked on desktop. Thought maybe those were causing the issue. I removed them from the page, still broken. I deleted the loading ix2 from the site entirely, still broken.

Is there something I’m missing? Some carton of orange juice (makes sense if you loved “the Message” podcast)?

I’m totally willing to give access to someone to see the backups too.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the expected behavior from the backup and the current behavior from the current

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - CPups - Test

@theKVD to help answer this need a live link to see it. because it will be very hard to try and debug something we cannot see.

@theKVD from what I see and that is limited, is you have the visibility set to hidden on desktop mode

@neverrain The live link is at the bottom of my original post.

Thanks for taking a look. As I said, the Horizontal one is for Tablet and under. That’s why it’s hidden on desktop mode.

It is appearing, just not staying at the bottom of the viewport any longer.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in the last week.

I have a card flip setup in the Overview section of the site that I wanted to use on another page. I hadn’t set the original one up in a way that would make it easy to use elsewhere, shame on me, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it in this new place.

So rather than refactoring it, I set up a new version of it from scratch on the other page. Card would flip over but the backface of the card’s front was still visible. I opened up the original page in another tab and went line by line with every singe Div involved to make sure they were all in sync. Still wouldn’t work.

Then I removed the new classes I had made and reused the original ones. Worked like a charm.
The issue is that the settings were identical with the old and new classes but only the old classes worked.

Maybe I missed something in one of those instances but to have the same problem repeatedly is odd.

Anyone else having this kind of issue? Did I miss something in the Fixed Position issue?

The Body element had a Children Perspective set so I could pull off the page load animation I wanted. Turning it off fixed the issue immediately.

Solution? Don’t use 3D Perspective & Fixed Positions anywhere in the Element Tree, even if they aren’t related.