Fixed position navbar dropdown menu covers access to content below


I have a dropdown nav-menu with contact and social media buttons that is fixed on the upper part of the page. The problem is that when the ‘nav-menu’ expands it covers (full-width) links i the txt underneath.

Here is the site:

And here is a read only:

(Unfortunately my dropdown does not work in the read-only link)
(the navbar is a symbol)

Does anyone know of a smarter way to build it or how I can somehow hide the empty part of the navbar-div?

Hi @Toftgaard,

You can change the width of the navbar symbol to ‘auto’, it will then shrink down to the size of the elements inside of it (in this case your social/contact icons).

You will have to play with the right positioning setting to get the dropdown where you want it.

See image.

Hope that helps,

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Thank you!

That worked well.

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