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Fixed position links, clickable troubleshooting

On my ‘projects’ page on the desktop view the project-title elements are links to their corresponding pages. I am fixing their position to make the effect you see when you preview the site, however, as you may also notice, the elements obstruct each other, so that only the ‘top’ one is actually able to be clicked. I know there must be a workaround for this but I can’t seem to figure it out, can anyone help?

Here is my public share link:

@npfosi Nicholas, I am a bit confused by your subclasses for one thing. The next would be why are your section images not with the appropriate link titles? Also, you may want to add subclasses to all of your titles to reflect the different links.

Id take a step back and look at it again. I am confused by what you are trying to accomplish. What kind of layout are you going for?

Can you clarify what is confusing about my subclasses?

Maybe I am not understanding the next thing but the section images are with the appropriate link titles?

And what is the benefit of adding a subclass to the titles?

The layout I am trying to accomplish is the layout that appears in the desktop view. When you scroll the primary image appears with the corresponding title. The concept is that the grid of images that scrolls by on the right are previews of the project represented on the left. Does that make sense? The layout works fine on desktop. It’s the clickability that’s the problem… it also totally goes weird on mobile but that’s a separate issue I have a separate post for :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking the time to look through it.


Thanks for the clarification. Ill look again.