'Fixed position' does not work as I wish

I’m a beginner at Webflow. I’m following the lecture, but the results are different even though all the settings are the same, so it’s very frustrating. I need your help.

The top and bottom bars were made with ‘Div Block’ and the positioning was fixed to set each to Top and Bottom. As far as I know, each top bar and bottom bar should remain at the top and bottom of the page I see and follow the scroll, but even if I scroll down, the top bar does not follow, and even if I scroll up from the bottom, the bottom bar does not follow. Please help me.

Can you upload your read-only link? Press the “Share” button in the top right corner to find the link.

I need your READ-ONLY link. Like I said, press the “Share” button in the top right corner. You can find your link there.


Is it right?

Just remove the transform property from your Body element and everything should work.

Super Thanks. your my life saver, have a good day!

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