Fixed Position being ignored in preview and on live site, only on two pages

I’m having an issue with Fixed Position on an element. When scrolling, this element (menu button on mobile and mobile landscape) should stay fixed in the top right corner, but doesn’t on all pages. This element works perfectly fine on every page minus two. This issue appears during Preview and on the Live/staging sites, but doesn’t happen in Designer mode. The second part of this issue is that the position settings are being ignored for an additional element within this one and is causing an overlay to not appear properly (fixed, cover, and ignoring z-index), though it does work on the other pages.

The element is part of a symbol, and has the same class, on one of the pages where the issue is happening, so I know it’s using the same settings as the functioning pages. The element is not part of a symbol on the other page where the issue is happening.

The only custom code is related to Google Analytics.

Issue appears on:
The Immortal Bobby Jones (Standard page)
Bobby Jones in the News Template (CMS template page)

I’m at the end of my rope so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Live Site:

Here is my site Read-Only: