Fixed page elements that move when published

hi guys,

Id REALLY love it if someone could help me with the following issue ive spent hours trying to fix it, nothing works so far… my knowledge of web design is pretty limited :slight_smile:

I have a pop up window that appears when the button labelled click here to learn more’about half way down the page in the centre of page is clicked.

when clicked a pop up appears containing text, however try as I might I cant get the close button, which appears as a white ‘X’ to remain in the top right hand corener of the box. It appears find in the design, yet when I publish it it some however changes position and behaves strangely in that it wont respond to change in the viewport size like the pop up itself does.

I want the close button (in the case the white X) to appear in the top right hand corner of the pop up and to remain in place (ie. behave relatively) to the contain that the pop is in.

thanks s much in advance for your help :0)

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