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Fixed Object with a Scroll Trigger Event


I’m new to Webflow and I have some questions on the “best” way to create a particular sticky nav solution. My webshare link is posted below.

Basically what I’m trying to solve is to have the grey card (below the logo) fixed so that the page scrolls behind it. However, I want the grey card to scroll off the page (disappear) at a certain point on the page. So for example, in my web flow link when the top of Section 2 hits the bottom of the grey card… I want the grey card to then scroll with the page.

Aside from the scrolling issue… I’m not even sure if I’ve created the nav and card sections in the right way with flex box wrappers.

Hope this makes sense! :flushed: Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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