[FIXED] New add>symbol panel is great but names are too shorts

Use the shortcut shift-cmd-A.

But I miss the button too.


When you select an item and then right click on it, the menu is for the selected item, not the direct element you’re right clicking on (in your case the link). If that’s not how it works then it might be a bug.

I’m with you on this one. Way too hard to know which one i which one!

Hi sergie no you misunderstood. In this case I had two fullwidth/fullheight elements on top of each other and i needed the parent element of that, but couldn’t make that a symbol. But with the keyboard shortcut I’m now able to, didn’t realize there was a shortcut for it.

Nonetheless…we need a listview for symbols, for sure!! and sortable. should be a 5 minute fix for you guys because those were already possible before. Now i’ll just wait here until you get those fixes live. :sob:

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Let vote! A or B?



i choose “B” :wink: enybody else?

I like “B”… here’s a slightly different version of B…

allows for long symbol names

I wish the symbols weren’t pushed so far down the UI.

As it is now, it can’t stay open.

If I have multiple page to populate with Symbols, I have to open the panel for each.

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B is my vote.

@vincent: I completely agree. The Elements and Symbols tabs should be ‘sticky’ so, each time you open the Add panel, it should show whichever tab was used last. That would be extremly helpful when inserting symbols on multiple pages – @thesergie


A) - allows for longer names

a little bit offtopic, but still relevant as a basic principle for the UI - so should be remembered the state of folders in the pages view - it is very incovenient to have the state of folders open by default all time

Hey @thesergie just wondering if there are any updates :slight_smile:

We should have an update within the next couple weeks for the list view. :slight_smile:


Appreciate the fast response @thesergie looking forward to it

@vincent You can use the keyboard shortcut shift+a to instantly jump to the Symbols section. Hope this helps!

That helps BIG TIME!

Thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice the ?panel had been updated.

I can even see and advantage of now having the Navigator panel opened at the same time as the Symbol panel.

FYI I’m still dreaming of a floating or always visible Navigator panel. Working on big screen, I have all the screen estate to deal with that. I even tried to do it by fiddling with the Inspector (oh boy did I fail).

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“floating or always visible Navigator panel” - requested long time ago… "hoist" feature for Navigator

Hi all - thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: We’ve just pushed an update to display Symbols in a list view again. Should make it easier to read those longer named Symbols. Thanks for your patience on this!


very nice. IMO Much more useful this way.

Will play with it. Perhaps there might be some minor adjustments…

  • but as it is: I can already see… the List is a huge improvement over the grid.

Thanks Webflow. :slight_smile:

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