[fixed] Need HELP with my custom lightbox

Hi all,
I have custom code, ONLY in settings/custom code (so all pages have the same code).
In some of the pages (image and stage shows), when I click on a video it doesn’t open my custom lightbox, but it works fine on other pages (event and musicians pages).

On each of the pages, I have multiple custom Lightboxes and each one has a Swiper slider that is connected to a collection list.

I created 2 functions:

  1. buildSwiperSlider() - build’s 2 versions of sliders(3 slides, 4 slides) for each lightbox + adding classes for the buttons + setting breakpoints.
  2. initLightbox(e) - gets the data from the current video + adds and removes classes + clone and appends the video.

Thanks in advance,

nevermind, I figured it out…
I forgot to check if the collection is empty

Link to the site

Here is my site Read-Only: Link